TGS 2023 VR忍者道場マニュアル



“In the VR Ninja Dojo, once you clear the four basic training exercises, you can take a test that doubles as combat training. Through this training, you can gauge your own skills, and if you achieve high scores, you’ll be eligible to receive more advanced training. At TGS (Tokyo Game Show), you’ll be able to experience the combat training without undergoing the basic training. Therefore, we’ve prepared some videos about what you should know before challenging the combat training. We recommend watching all the videos to achieve a good performance. Please note that the Ninja Dojo is currently under development, and the final version and content may change. We ask for your understanding.”



How to use a sword -刀の使い方-

  • 振り方でダメージが変わります
  • The way you swing it will change the damage.
  • 妖術を弾き返しができます
  • It can repel sorcery.

How to use Shuriken 手裏剣の使い方

  • トリガーを引くと手裏剣がセットされます
  • Pulling the trigger sets the shuriken.
  • スローイングした瞬間にトリガー放すと飛んでいきます
  • If you release the trigger at the moment of throwing, it will fly away.

How to Use Ninja Methods 忍法の使い方

  • 自分の顔の前でコントローラーを上下に構えると発動の為の充填がはじまります
  • Hold the controller up and down in front of your face to start filling it for activation.
  • 充填が終わると、忍法が発動できます出したい忍法の構えをする事で発動します
  • When filling is complete, the ninja technique can be activated by holding the ninja posture you wish to use.
  • 一定期間は忍法を発動する事ができません刀に紫の煙が出だしたら忍法ができるタイミングです
  • You can’t invoke ninjutsu for a certain period of time, and when purple smoke appears on your sword, that’s when you can do ninjutsu.

How to fight a huge enemy 巨大な敵との戦い方

  • 敵の攻撃は体を実際に動かして避けましょう!
  • Avoid enemy attacks by actually moving your body!
  • VRの世界の境界からでないように注意しましょう
  • Be careful not to step outside the boundaries of the VR world!
  • 四角黄色い印が集まる場所が弱点。大きなダメージを与える事ができます
  • The weak point is where the yellow square marks gather. It can do a lot of damage.
  • 刀だけでなく手裏剣や忍法などもくししましょう
  • Comb not only swords, but also shurikens and ninja techniques!

How to get a high score 高得点の出し方

  • 巨大な敵を倒してください。倒さないとボーナスがもらえません
  • Defeat the giant enemy. If you don’t defeat it, you will not get the bonus.
  • 時間ボーナスを得る為に早く倒しましょう
  • Let’s take them down fast to get the time bonus.
  • 体力ボーナスもらう為にダメージを受けないようにしましょう
  • Try not to take damage in order to get the strength bonus.
  • 刀で一定の間隔で敵を倒していくと蓮撃となり評価があがります
  • Defeating enemies at regular intervals with the sword is called lotus shooting, and the rating is increased.
  • ダメージを受けると蓮撃がリセットされます
  • Damage will reset the lotus strike.
  • なるべく大きなダメージで敵をたおしましょう
  • Defeat the enemy with as much damage as possible!

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